8 Ways Being A Mom Makes You a Better Person

POSTED April 11th AT 3:27pm

Being a mom is undoubtedly hard. There is no other job that requires a 24/7 commitment, has no training and that constantly changes from day to day. As a mom, there will be many days where you have no idea how you’ll get everything done but somehow you always do! Becoming a mother makes you a better person because you learn about strengths you didn’t know you had and face fears that you never knew existed.


1. Being a mom makes you braver –Whether it’s a fear of heights, dogs, crowds or whatever, when you become a mom, you worry about not projecting your fears onto your children which makes you become more conscious of them which ultimately forces you to confront them.


2. Being a mom makes you more patient – You go into motherhood as a first time mom knowing exactly what you plan to do as a mom. You soon learn though that the less you try to force your will on your baby and just go with the flow, the less stressed out and frustrated you’ll be. Patience is the key to not losing your sanity as a mom!


3. Being a mom makes you have more purpose – There is nothing quite like having someone depend on you for their survival to give you more purpose in life. Now every decision that you make doesn’t just affect you but this little person that you created and makes you think a lot more methodically before taking any action.


4. Being a mom makes you more resilient – You develop a thick skin when you become a mom. From getting your baby to sleep to finding food that your picky toddler likes to teaching your child to potty train, you get used to not giving up easy as a mom. Throwing in the towel is not an option and you become the queen of trial and error!


5. Being a mom makes you stronger – Both physically and mentally! You literally become physically stronger from having to carry around a baby or toddler around! You become mentally stronger as that mama bear instinct takes over to help keep your kids safe.


6. Being a mom makes you more aware – Maybe you had to stop using the F-Bomb when your toddler started talking or maybe you stopped smoking when you found out you were pregnant. Being a mom makes you take a really good look at bad behaviors and habits that you may have that you don’t want to pass on to your children or affect them in a negative way.  


7. Being a mom makes you see things in a different light – You get a different perspective on most things when you become a mom. You become more lighthearted and take things less seriously. Probably because between being busy all of the time and getting less sleep, you really don’t have time or brainpower to overthink every situation like you may have used to. You become a lot better at taking things at face value and not reading too deeply into anything.


8. Being a mom makes you more secure – Being a mom causes you to face your demons and any personal insecurities that you may have. We can create complexes in our children that we have ourselves with the things that we say and the things that we do. Teaching your children to be comfortable in their own skin first requires that you be comfortable in your own skin.




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