A Few of Our Favorite Things

POSTED November 7th AT 3:02pm

With so many baby products and brands to filter through, it can be downright confusing finding the right fit for your baby! If you've ever bought a pack of diapers only to have your baby leak through them, a pack of bottles only to discover your baby won't latch or a bottle of lotion that just doesn't meet your expectations, you are not alone. Every baby is different and there's no cookie cutter solution that you can follow to help you find what works best for you but this list can serve as a guide. 

1. Wipes – Did you know that baby wipes have chemicals in them? Some of those chemicals are skin irritants that can redness and even rashes. We prefer wipes that contain as few chemicals as possible and some of the favorites you’ll find on our list are Water Wipes, Bets & Emy Wipes and Honest Wipes.


2. Bibs – When you think of bibs, you think of something to protect your baby's clothing while eating, but bibs have so many different purposes! We prefer burpy bibs that double as burp cloths and bibs for newborns. When your baby is around the age of 3 months, a teething bib that will catch drool and also provide baby teething comfort is great.  Once your child starts eating solid foods, our favorite type of bibs are ones that are easy to wash in a sink rather than cloth ones that need to be laundered. No specific brand favored! 


3. Diapers – When it comes to diapers, pretty designs are nice...but we prefer a diaper that will do what it’s supposed to do...prevent leaks. Every baby is different and your body’s baby type may make all the difference with what diaper works best for you, but our favorites are not only great for leaks but priced well. Our Joyful Bundles favorites are Luvs and Targets "Up and Up" diapers.


4. Sunscreens – While you may only use sunscreen a few months out of the year when you do use it, you use a lot of it. Two brands top our favorite list: Babyganics makes a great sunscreen at a great price.  Thinkbaby is a little more pricey than Babyganics but goes on incredibly smooth and we believe it to be well worth the extra cost. 


5. Bottles – Ability to latch no matter whether your baby is breastfed or bottle fed is an extremely important characteristic in a bottle since babies can get nipple confusion pretty easily. We also look for bottles that are easy to clean since moms already have a ton of things on their to-do lists. The bottles that we think have both of these characteristics are MAM and Munchkin Latch.


6. Pacifiers – The Philips Avent Soothie pacifier is the pacifier that most hospitals will give you for your newborn for a reason. It’s highly durable, easy to clean and very affordable. Nuk and Nuby also make great pacifiers and have nipples designed to imitate the breast which make them great for breastfed babies.


7. Baby food – You may plan on making your own baby food, but if not, check out these brands on our favorites list. We like beechnut for its affordability and we like Happy Baby and Plum baby foods for their unique blend of veggies and fruits that they put together for your baby’s budding taste buds.


8. Sippy Cups – We love the Philips Avent transitional cup most for a baby transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup.  Once your little one gets the hang of things, we love the Munchkin 360 cup. One of the worst things about transitioning to a sippy cup is the spills.  The 360 cups are known to reduce spills dramatically while still giving your baby the independence they need.


9. Moisturizers – Aquaphor and Aveeno Baby top our list for favorite moisturizers.  Aquaphor is especially nice during winter months when skin gets a little dryer and can even double as a diaper rash ointment if your little one is starting to redden! Both work well on sensitive skin and also pair together if you want something a little heavier than Aveeno but a little lighter than Aquaphor.


10. Body washes and Shampoos – We love Nature’s Baby Organics for the light and soft but great smelling scents they make without all of the harsh chemicals. We also love Cetaphil Baby for its affordable cost and great quality. 





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