Sleeping Next To A Snorer


Being a mom means that sleep is very much wanted but something that you never seem to get enough of. Even when you manage to fall asleep, it’s not quite as restful as it used to be now that your ears are trained to hear the smallest of cries or whimpers. You may find it harder to fall asleep after becoming a mom because your mind is constantly wandering to the things that you need to do or forgot to do as soon as you lay your head on the pillow.


That’s why if your partner is a snorer, you may find yourself even more frustrated. Just as you find yourself drifting off into a peaceful sleep, you hear their loud snort and groan…or maybe your mom bladder wakes you up in the middle of the night and you can’t get back to sleep because it sounds like a bulldozer is sleeping next to you.


Maybe you’ve tried everything to get them to stop snoring, including putting a pillow over your head…or theirs, or both or maybe you have no idea what to do and have just resolved to a life of not sleeping. Whatever your case, these solutions may be just what you need to get the sleep that evades you.


Encourage them to lose weight – If your partner is overweight, this could be what’s causing them to snore. Losing weight is no easy task but encouraging them to lose weight could also help them to stop snoring. Don't go for quick fixes that may not last and that will have you in the same situation when they gain their weight back though. Instead, try slowly implementing healthier options at mealtime and encouraging exercise to help them lose weight over time.


Sleep on their side or with their head raised – These simple alterations in bed can help to open up airways and nasal passages that can help prevent snoring. Next time your partner lets out a snort, tell them to roll onto their side or shove an extra pillow under their head to help them breath better and sleep more quietly.


Cut out alcohol before bedtime – Alcohol can relax everything, including your sleep cycle which may cause you to snore. It may not be that you need to cut drinking out completely in your partner, but maybe you notice there are a certain amount of drinks they can have before their snoring goes from cute to unbearable. Whatever this amount is, try to get them to stay under this limit or find other sleeping arrangements when they don’t.


Stop smoking – There are many reasons to quit smoking and this can be just one more benefit to add to your list. Smoking can irritate your throat and nose making it hard for you to breathe. This difficulty breathing can make snoring more probable. Quitting smoking may not make snoring go away immediately but over time it should help to solve your problem.


If all else fails, you can find a way to help you sleep better. Depending on how much you’re needed to hear little voices at night, you may want to consider investing in a good pair of earplugs. If earplugs are out of the question, a good white noise machine could help to neutralize the sound of snoring, help you sleep and restore peace in your home. 

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