I'm Just A Mom

POSTED November 14th AT 7:45pm

When you're younger and think of a future when you have a family, I don’t think you fully comprehend what the role of mother entails. We live in a time period where fathers do more than they ever have before, but many moms still take on the majority of the responsibility not just with the children but in the home as well. Tack on the fact that many moms are working part-time or full-time jobs and what you have may seem like a neverending to-do list. 


Moms are chefs. From the day that you introduce your child to solid foods, you take on the role of chef. It's not as big of a responsibility to start but as your little ones taste buds develop and they depend less and less on formula or breast milk, you have to start thinking more and more about food. In addition to providing them with food, you want them to be healthy options. Some moms even take on the added responsibility of making their own baby food! Whether or not, you buy food from a jar or make your own, at some point in time, you will you become responsible for providing them with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a multitude of snacks throughout the day making you mama...the chef. 


Moms are maids. Its one thing to let “things” go before kids but nearly impossible after. Also, while adults and older children can clean up after themselves, small babies and children cannot, which leaves you in charge of it. When you become a mom, you go from having a day or two of cleaning a week to feeling like you’re constantly cleaning. And don’t even get me started on the laundry!


Moms are protectors. The term mama bear exists because moms will do anything to protect their children and while the role of protector exists while they are little, it becomes an even bigger task as they become increasingly mobile and independent. As they become older children, teenagers and young adults, we become less concerned about protecting them from getting hurt physically, and more concerned with protecting them from the emotional pain that can come from experiencing life. 


Moms are problem solvers! We are the families problem solver. We are the ones who figure out which diapers won’t leak, we find the bottles that won’t give our babies gas, we figure out how to get our picky eaters to eat and we figure out how to tame temper tantrums. As a mom, we are faced with solving so many problems, that sometimes it feels as if the wheels in our head never stop turning. 


Moms are healers. No, we are not actual healers but mommy kisses and hugs are our kid's placebos. We are in tune enough with our children that we may not be able to diagnose what is wrong with them, but we typically have an instinct that lets us know when something is wrong with them. We also have to be cool, calm and collected as they get their many bumps, bruises, and illnesses even though our hearts may breaking on the inside.


Moms are chauffeurs. From the time that they’re little and we carry them around on us, to the time that they’re independent tots that don’t want to be pushed in the stroller but also want to be carried after their little legs tire to just before they’re old enough to drive, moms are responsible for getting their children from point A to point B.


Moms are worriers.  There’s a reason that moms tend to be more stressed out than dads! Moms are tasked with the job of overthinking and worrying for everyone. In the beginning, we worry about whether our babies are getting enough milk or dressed warm enough. We worry when they start walking about whether or not they’ll fall and hurt themselves and this is the one job that will never go away. From the day that we learn we are pregnant until the day that we take our last breath, moms worry about keeping their little ones safe. 


Next time that you think of yourself of just a mom, remember everything that a mom is.  We are more than just moms, we are the lifeline and the backbone of our families. To the world, we may be just a mom, but to our families we are the world. 

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