Free Learning Websites For Kids


For many parents, they’ve now found themselves in a situation where they’re trying to work from home while also ensuring that their kids aren’t falling into vacation mode. As great as that sounds, it’s not easy to try to fit in an 8-hour workday while also trying to home school your child. These websites may not be a complete substitute for the education that your kids would get while in school, but they will help them to learn while having a little fun as well!


Switcheroo Zoo – For the nature loving child, this website allows your kid to not only watch videos about different animals and teach them interesting new facts, but it also lets them play games to interactively learn about the animals which will help them to retain the information. For access, click here:


Nat Geo for Kids – From mammals to birds to amphibians to fish, your child can learn about different species of animals living in different habitats all over the world through the National Geographic’s kid friendly website. To access, click here:


Into the Book – This website is designed for kids who are new readers or learning to read and tries to make learning how to read more fun. Your child can learn phonics and other reading strategies while playing fun games. To access, click here:


ABC YA – From pre-K through the 6th grade, this website is organized so that you can choose the learning activities that are appropriate for your child’s age or grade level. Lessons range from letters to numbers to education games to hone your kid’s skills. For access, click here:


Fun Brain – Starting from the 1st grade all the way through the 8th, this website has educational games for your child in math, grammar, science, spelling, history. The variety of subject matter makes it one of the most versatile learning websites available for free and is guaranteed to provide hours of educational play. For access, click here:


PBS Kids – If your child is a fan of PBS programming, this app is the perfect supplement. They can play a variety of games that range from learning to arts and crafts with their favorite PBS characters. There is no shortage of games on this app and sure to be something that everyone will love playing. To access, click here:


Star Fall – Star Fall is perfect for kids in Kindergarten all the way through grade 3. They specialize in reading, math and phonics and teach your kids using a variety of tools including, movies, games, books and songs. To access, click here:


Storyline Online – This website doesn’t boast any fun games or tools for learning, but it does have hundreds of audiobooks categorized by age group that will help to keep your child busy when you don’t have the time to read to them yourself. To access, click here:


Highlights Kids – Made with children of all ages in mind, this website is full of games, puzzles and videos that kids can watch on their own. If you have time to spare and want to do some interactive activities, there are also recipes, crafts, science experiments and other activities that are sure to keep you and your kids busy. For access, click here:


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