14 Signs That You're Having A Girl Or Boy


Finding out that you're pregnant and soon going to be a parent is a magical moment. Those first few months though are a little anti-climatic as you experience all of the cons of pregnancy like the fatigue and morning sickness but none of the pros like those cute little baby kicks. For the most part, unless you shell out big bucks, you can't find out whether you're having a boy or girl either until you're at least 16 weeks pregnant. If you're finding yourself getting impatient and want to take a guess at what you may be having, these 14 signs can help you satisfy your curiosity or at least have a little fun while playing the waiting game. 


7 Signs that you’re having a girl


1. Severe morning sickness – The reasoning behind this is that it’s believed that carrying a girl comes along with higher hormone levels. Higher levels of hormones are the culprits behind morning sickness which means that if you're pregnant with a girl, you may be spending more time early on in the bathroom. 


2. Extreme mood swings – You can blame the hormones for this again! Higher levels of hormones that come from being pregnant with a girl can potentially lead to more dramatic mood swings while pregnant versus lower levels with boys make for a more even keeled mama! 


3. Your breasts grow out of control – It may be hard to distinguish how much of this is associated with pregnancy weight gain in general, but studies have shown that women that are pregnant with girls have breasts that grow slightly smaller than women who are pregnant with boys. 


4. Higher levels of stress at conception – A small study showed that women who were more stressed out when they were trying to have a baby were more likely to have girls than boys.


5. Mayan gender predictor – This one’s a little easier to figure out on your own than the Chinese gender predictor. All you have to do is look at the year that you conceived and the age of the mother at the time of conception. If both numbers are even, the Mayans say you’re having a girl and if one number is odd, you’re having a boy.


6. Your hands are soft – Urban legend says that soft hands during pregnancy are said to be a sign of a girl pregnancy, while dry hands mean that you’re having a boy. In truth, this is probably also influenced by the weather but pay close attention to how often you have to moisturize!


7. The color of your urine – Part of the color of your urine will definitely be impacted by how many fluids you drink but it has been said that dull-colored urine means you’re having a girl and bright-colored urine means you’re having a boy.


7 Signs you’re having a boy


1. Your baby's heartbeat is lower than 140 beats per minute – This isn’t absolute science but some believe that a baby boy’s hear will beat slower in utero. Some believe this is possibly the case because girls tend to be smaller.



2. You're carrying low – This may be more of an old wive’s tale than fact but rumor has it that carrying low means you’re having a boy while carrying high means you're having a girl. 


3. You crave salty foods – It’s probably at least partly true that your body is craving things that you have a nutritional deficit in but there are some that believe that if you crave salty foods, you’re having a boy versus sweet foods if you’re having a girl.


4. You're absolutely glowing - This is a myth that has pretty much been busted but there are some people that swear by it. Girls are said to steal your beauty from the inside so if everyone tells you how amazing you look during your pregnancy, get ready for a boy.


5. You sleep on your right side – According to an age old myth, if you sleep on your right side naturally while pregnant, you’re having a boy. If you sleep on your left side naturally, you’re having a girl.


6. More headaches – While there have been no studies done to confirm this, it is thought that if you’re more prone to getting headaches while pregnant, you’re having a boy but if you make it through your entire pregnancy headache free, you could be having a girl.


7. Hairy legs – Does it seem as if the hair on your legs is out of control? This could be a sign that you’re having a boy versus smooth legs with a girl. 


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