How to Create a Winning Baby Registry


You’ve found out your pregnant and you’re filled with a combination of emotions. The first is excitement! You have a life growing inside of you, which in and of itself is a miracle. As you progress in your pregnancy, you realize that you actually need to buy stuff or add it to your registry for your baby’s pending arrival. As you start to scour the internet for what you need. you start to feel overwhelmed because there are so many products to choose from.

You’ll definitely end up buying some things of your own but your friends and family will no doubt want to help. This means that you’ll need to create a baby registry. Given that in-store shopping is a little tricky now, you may want to complete your registry online. A favorite online baby registry can be found on Amazon.


So many people have Amazon accounts, which makes it easy to use. There’s no shortage of supplies on Amazon and it’s completely free to set up! Amazon will even send you a welcome box free of charge with your qualifying baby registry. The registry will guide you through different products that are most often registered for to help make the process simpler. Even with this guide, there are some best practices for creating a registry that you can put into place to get the most out of the experience.


Diapers – Diapers may not be the most exciting item on your list but they’ll be one of the most needed! Everyone has a favorite brand and as much as you think you’ll be able to just Google “best baby” diaper, it’s not that easy. Different diapers work for different babies. This means that the brand your best friend loved may cause your baby to break out or may not protect against leaks. Register for diapers in different brands so that you get the chance to try them all out to see which ones you like best. This will prevent you from having to use a ton of diapers that you don’t really like. You can also register for diapers in different sizes so that you only have to supplement your supply for the first few months.

Gift certificates – Don’t be afraid to ask for them! You’ll have to have some items in your registry and there will be people that want to buy you actual items even when you ask for gift cards. Many people, however, (especially those that already have kids), have been through the trial and error of product buying and will respect your wishes. You may feel that it’s rude or inappropriate to ask for gift cards, but if you register for products and people buy them and your baby doesn’t use them you’ve wasted the buyers money. Gift cards aren't a fun item to open at a baby shower, but the point of a registry isn’t to make the gift buyer feel good. The point of giving a gift is to make the parent's life easier during the difficult time of having a newborn!


Convertible items - There are certain items that you will use for a long time like the changing table, crib, high chair car seat or stroller. Because your baby grows very quickly, you’ll find that they outgrow more than just their clothes! When you look to register for some of your bigger ticket items, register for items that will convert with your growing baby. Register for the high chair that converts into a booster chair or the crib that turns into a toddler bed. This will save you time and money when it’s time for your baby to transition into bigger products.


Clothes – People love buying cute little baby clothes. So much so that if you can resist the urge, you should avoid buying any yourself. Since people are automatically going to buy clothes whether you ask for them or not. Register for the baby outfits you want and register for them in different sizes. Gift buyers have a tendency to cluster the baby clothes around when the baby is first born. If you register for clothing, you can ensure that your baby will be all set for months!

You’ll need items like swaddles, bottles, lotions, and shampoos but try to avoid buying too many of the same thing. By doing this, you may end up with a bunch of something that you can’t use. If you start with smaller sizes of these items and you love them, you can use all of those gift certificates to buy more! If you can find sets that allow you to sample a few different items at the same time, this will save you even more trouble. Most importantly, remember not to stress too much and to have fun creating your registry. To get started with a registry on Amazon, click here!


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