6 Actions to Combat Mommy Brain


Are you constantly distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on an activity while you're doing it? Do you feel as if you’re always forgetting something? Does it seem as if your brain power started diminishing when you got pregnant and only seems to get worse with each passing day? Well, then you may have mommy brain! Being a mom is a full-time job in addition to a full-time job that you may already have and doing the job well may seem impossible when your brain doesn’t fully cooperate. While you may never get back to your pre-pregnant self, these 6 actions can help you get a little bit closer than you currently are.


Sleep More – While mommy brain is definitely part physiological, the lack of brain function is definitely exaggerated by the lack of sleep that most moms experience. So it makes sense that one of the ways to get some of that brain function back is by sleeping more. But with so much to do in a day, how do you manage to find time to catch more Z’s? One word…prioritize. There are some things that you can’t put off until the next day, but if you really evaluate how you spend your time after the kid's go to bed, you may find that that you can shave some time off of scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed or opt not to watch that extra episode of your favorite show so that you can get to bed 30 minutes or so earlier.


Multi-task less – Moms are famous for being masters of multi-tasking and while it may seem that you’re accomplishing more when multi-tasking, are you really? It’s probably more likely that you’re half completing most of your tasks and only managing to completely finish some of them. This means that many of them will go unfinished until your brain brings you back to them and that they'll be on your mind until you finish them. Try focusing on one activity until completion and you may find that your brain is a little less cluttered.


Delegate more – If you think about most things in your household, there are probably few tasks that you can think of that you don’t have your hand in at some point in time. This means that your brain rarely gets a rest. Try delegating certain tasks completely to other members of your family. Just because you are the queen of your household doesn’t mean that you have to physically or mentally run everything.


Be more focused – When you find your mind wandering from the current task at hand, try to combat the wander by silencing all thoughts except the one that you’re currently working on. It’s meditative in a way and forces you to be present in whatever activity you’re doing at the moment instead of constantly being distracted.


Write it down – Don’t be ashamed to write any and everything down! If you write things down at work to remember them and it’s a process that works, why not incorporate it into your momlife? Don’t have a pen and paper handy, write it down in the notepad of your phone. Just don’t forget to come back to your phone periodically during the day as an accountability check. You may even find that erasing things from your to-do-list makes you feel more accomplished in a day and less hard on yourself for not being superwoman!


Accept it – Do what you can, but accept what you can’t. While the physiological parts of mommy brain may eventually go away, you are far busier in your life as a mom than you ever were before and the busier you are the more likely things are to fall through the cracks. Don’t beat yourself up for forgetting things or making mistakes when they do happen, just chalk it up to the mommy game.