A Solution for Busy Moms


Most women enter into motherhood knowing that its going to be hard. You know that breastfeeding may not come as easy to you as you think it will. You know that you'll have to get used to waking up every couple of hours (in the beginning at least), and you know that you'll never be able to sleep in again...we'll at least for some time. These are things that you knew and may have even mentally prepared for. What you didn't know about and as a result could have never prepared for is what actually makes motherhood the hardest. 


What you couldn't have prepared for or even known how badly it would affect you are the emotional aspects of being a mother. You always thought that you would be a chill mom and had no clue that you would worry as much as you do. You've always been confident in your decision making and could never have guessed how much you would doubt yourself as a new mom. You always vowed to do your best but never knew that despite giving everything you have, how much guilt you would feel on a daily basis. I know this because I felt all of these feelings after becoming a new mother. I knew I wasn't alone because I was able to vocalize the way I felt with some other women that had recently become mothers as well and realized that these emotions were all too common. It was from these feelings and conversations that Joyful Bundles was born. 


The idea of Joyful Bundles came to me a few months after having my daughter, Sydney. Like many moms, I found that learning how to take care of a newborn was incredibly hard. The first 3 or 4 months was literally spent in survival mode. I had never cared for a newborn to this extent before and for the most part had no idea what I was doing. Every day seemed to be a new learning experience. Most of the products that I purchased for Sydney were big brands that I was familiar with from ads I'd seen previously. While some of the brands worked just fine and did the job they were supposed to be, many did not. I found myself unhappy with them either because they weren't eco-friendly, their products were full of chemicals or they just weren't doing what they'd promised to do. As a problem solver, I began to play the game of trial and error that many parents find themselves playing. For the most part, I eventually ended up finding products that were a great fit for me and Sydney but in the process, a lot of waste was created. There was money spent on products that I didn't end up using and the products themselves had expiration dates which meant that they would eventually go to waste. 


Additionally, shopping for my baby should have been the easiest part of motherhood but instead, I found that the feelings of uncertainty about the products I was using on my daughter added to the overall uncertainty I felt as a new mom. It also seemed like work when it was supposed to be enjoyable. In my opinion, being a mother was tough enough and finding products that you love for your little one should be convenient and fun instead of stressful and overwhelming. And so I set out to create a more efficient process that would save other moms money, time and help prevent this waste. 


Joyful Bundles was created for the mom that hates buying products for their baby that they don't end up using. Whether you're getting a particular product in a smaller sized bottle so that you can test it out to see if you absolutely love it before committing to buying more or just receiving one bottle or sippy cup instead of a pack of them, our goal is to help you find your new favorite baby products in a less wasteful way. 


There's too much doubt in motherhood as it is and too much to do in a given to day to find yourself spending too much time standing and staring at different products at the store wondering which one is the right one while simultaneously being nervous that you'll make the wrong choice. That's why Joyful Bundles was created for the mom who dreads buying new baby products for fear that they won't live up to her expectations.


If you are a mom that feels a little lost in the day to day monotony of taking care of a new baby, Joyful Bundles was created for you as well. Once you become a mom, self-care pretty much takes a back seat and everything becomes about what the baby needs. We know that because we've lived it. The Joyful Bundles Box was created for mom and baby. That's why we include both practical items that you need as well as cute items that you want and that will make you smile. We also include a gift for mom in every box so that you do get something just for you! 

We're so excited and fortunate to be celebrating a year of helping moms find products that they love for their babies while providing them with a fun experience every month and we look forward to many more years of helping busy moms find their new favorite products for their favorite little people.