First 5 Things You Should Do After Learning You're Pregnant


You’ve taken a test…or maybe 5 and confirmed at home that you’re pregnant! Congratulations! Those early days of pregnancy can be uncertain but at the same time so exciting. The first thing you’ll probably do is tell your partner and maybe a few close friends. Your next instinct may be to stock up on baby supplies, but before you do, consider these 5 actions instead.


Call your OBGYN – Even though the over the counter pregnancy test confirmed that you’re pregnant, you’ll want to call your OBGYN to schedule an appointment. The most reliable way to confirm pregnancy is through bloodwork and they'll want to do that as well as an exam. As much as you hope that your doctor will tell you to come in right away, this probably won’t be the case. Your doctor probably won’t see you until you’re at least 6 weeks pregnant unless there’s a valid medical reason to bring you in sooner. There's also no guarantee that they'll see you at exactly 6 weeks if your doctor doesn't have any openings. It could be that you have to wait a few weeks before your doctor has any availability. If this is the case, don’t fret. Your doctor’s office will know the target dates that they need to see you by and should try to adhere to them as much as possible. 


Get some prenatal vitamins – You’ll be taking prenatal vitamins throughout your entire pregnancy. As you grow your baby, your body is going to need more of certain vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Prenatal vitamins are meant to provide you with the daily recommended amounts for a pregnant woman. When you’re shopping for vitamins, make sure to research which of these ingredients are most important and try to find vitamins that do the best at providing those doses.


Stop doing harmful things – If you are a drinker, smoker, or drug user, you should stop as soon as you find out that you’re pregnant. Try not to worry too much about what you’ve been doing up until this point. You can’t go back in time and change it but you can change your behaviors going forward. If you’ve engaged in some behavior that you feel is really risky and causes you concern, make sure to have an honest conversation with your doctor about it. They’ll be able to give you the best guidance.


Figure out what you shouldn’t be eating – Cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs may seem obvious to most but there are a ton of other things that you’ll need to quit when you find out you’re pregnant. Most of these donts will come in the form of foods that you should stay away from or at least eat in small quantities now that you’re pregnant. If this is your first pregnancies, you should make sure to look up this list and eliminate any of these foods immediately. If this is a subsequent pregnancy, it also won’t hurt to look at the list in case you’ve forgotten something. It also might be the case that foods have been added or taken off of the list since you were last pregnant.


Rest – Your body is about to do some pretty amazing things! If you’re not feeling it already, you’ll soon realize that growing a human is exhausting. Listen to your body and try not to push yourself too hard. If you have energy, knock out items on your to-do list but if you find yourself drained and sluggish, give yourself permission to pause. Try not to beat yourself up for needing a break. The good news is that the fatigue typically goes away in the 2nd trimester. Maybe not completely but enough that you’ll be able to move at a faster pace and accomplish many of the things that you weren’t able to power through in your first trimester.


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