How to Enjoy Mother's Day During Quarantine


Mother’s Day is that magical day once a year where moms get somewhat of a break from being on call all day to their kids. Depending on how old your kids are, they may actively try to ask you for fewer things or help around the house and for the younger kids, maybe your partner takes them for the majority of the day or at least keeps them from barging in on you anytime you’re sleeping, in the shower or using the bathroom. Even if you don’t get an all-day break, maybe you typically have some pampering to look forward to or a nice night out planned by your family that takes zero effort on your part.


With stay-at-home orders still in place, you may find yourself in a slump that none of this is going to happen. Quarantine doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day is canceled though just that you have to get a little more creative when it comes to figuring out ways to celebrate it. On the bright side, this year you can make your request known to your family and it may actually be the best time for moms to really let their families know what they want for Mother’s Day. Let’s be honest, flowers are nice and candies taste good but most of us open our Mother’s Day gifts with an obligatory smile knowing that we’ll end up using whatever awful smelling perfume our kids got us or novelty coffee mug before retiring it away with the other Mother’s Day gifts. This year can be the year when moms can say goodbye to unwanted Mother’s Day gifts forever!


Binge on your favorite TV show or movies – If you want to do this properly, you’ll need to set boundaries upfront. If you have older kids, you can explain to them what your Mother’s Day plans are and ask them to give you a few hours of privacy. If you have younger kids, you can communicate with your significant other what your expectations are and be firm in your expectations that these requests are met. Your children will test you and they need to know that you mean business, otherwise, they won’t take your Mother’s Day request seriously. Don’t forget to pop open your favorite bottle of wine or champagne and pop a bowl or two of popcorn for your special Mother’s Day marathon.


A day without cooking – One of the dreaded parts of being a mom is being responsible for meals and snacks all day long. Especially now, with everyone home, you probably find yourself doing something in the kitchen all day long. A Mother’s Day brunch, lunch or dinner would’ve been the perfect treat. Just because restaurants aren’t open to dine in doesn’t mean you can’t eat out! Let your family fend for themselves with cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and order takeout from your favorite restaurant for dinner. If you use paper plates and cups, there will be zero clean up after!


A cleaning strike – Another part of motherhood that most moms can’t seem to escape is constant cleaning. It can be demoralizing when you clean the house and within hours it’s trashed again. You should not be spending Mother’s Day cleaning and if you really want to be honest with your kids and partner about what it is that you want, let them know that it’s to not lift a finger. Assign everyone in your family a job or two to do for that day that will help to keep the house in order. Yes, it will probably be annoying that you have to tell them what you need them to do but expecting anything else will probably be setting yourself up for failure. This is another Mother’s Day gift where you’ll have to set boundaries. If you tell your kids that you won’t be picking up your toys but you end up doing it anyway, they probably won’t take your seriously.


Have drinks with your friends (virtually) – Every mom is going through the exact same thing this year and what better way to celebrate it than to commiserate with each other, while having a few drinks! Get a few of your best mom friends together, block off and hour or two to catch up and enjoy your special day together.


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