Never Say Never


If you think of the list of things you said you would never do when you became a mom, it's probably laughable and the number of things that you managed to stay true to are few, if any. It's a lot easier to say what you would do when you're not in the thick of it and as many new moms are elbow deep in baby spit up and endless diaper changes, they learn what the term never say never really means. 


Co-Sleep - There are many people that intend to co-sleep but also many moms who swore they would never do it for various reasons that find themselves doing it. Whether you end up co-sleeping because its the only way to get your baby to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time or if you co-sleep because your toddler is getting smarter and smarter and coming up with more and more reasons why they can't sleep in their own bed and can only sleep in your bed, you are not alone. Sleep is so important and in order to get enough, it's not uncommon for many new parents to concede and find themselves sleeping in a family bed. 


Screen time - We've all read about the negative effects of screen time and as much as we try to not subject our children to it, it's really hard. You may have found that you introduced screen time so that you could pee in peace or maybe the only way you could detangle your child's hair after washing it wiggle free was by putting them right in front of a tablet. Maybe you caved for the first time on a long road trip or maybe you started screen time because you enjoyed the peace and quiet it allowed you. Whatever the reason, this tops the list as one of the things that people judged other parents about before having kids only to find themselves doing themselves. 


Eat sugar - You may have found that you started off strong and made sure that sugar didn't touch your child's taste buds but somewhere along the lines, you got more lax. Maybe your baby started to become a picky eater or maybe it was out of pure convenience when you found that the healthier the snack the more preparation time it took on your part. Maybe your child didn't taste their first bite of sugar until they started being invited to birthday party after birthday party and you found it cruel to deny them while all of the other kids enjoyed their tasty cupcakes and ice cream. Whatever the case, your child tasted sugar on your watch and you were okay with it. 


Negotiate with them - Saying you would never do this probably started the first time you saw a friend or family member pleading with their child to do something while their child stonewalled them proving to be the better negotiator. Maybe you shook your head and said something along the lines of "Nope, not me..." But then you had a kid and you quickly came to realize that their lack of focus, banshee screams and irrational thought processes did make them the better negotiators. As much as you thought dropping the phrase "Because I said so" would carry weight, getting them to do what you wanted them to do was a lot harder than you previously thought and required you to beef up on your own negotiation skills. 


Go out in public looking unkempt - You've always been put together and promised to always be. Even if you were dead dog tired, you wouldn't be caught outside of the house looking like you gave up on life. This was much easier said when you were sleeping through the night and not being run down by tiny tyrants. Not long after becoming a mother, you probably found your standards for what was acceptable while out in public lowered dramatically and rather than horrifying you, you discovered it to be liberating.


Give up on your social life - You vowed that you would never lose your social life after having kids but some how you did. And the funny thing is that you didn't care as much as you thought you would. Occasionally you reminisce about the past and want a night out but once out, you don't really enjoy it the way you used to and on most occasions, the idea of going out seems more exhausting than fun. So you find new ways to have fun. Old you would consider yourself lame but new you is about this new life!


Let your child control my schedule - We've all seen the mom rushing home to get her kids to bed on time either for nap or bedtime or is constantly looking at the clock trying to keep their child's schedule. It all seems funny until you realize what happens to a kid when they're off schedule. When your cute kid becomes a gremlin because they're hungry or becomes that kid that has a full on temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store when they miss their nap and you now have become that rigid moms biggest empathizer and aspire to be like her. 


Give in to a picky eater - Remember when you said that your house would be like the house you grew up in and that your kids would eat what you made every single night without complaint? That you is gone and has been replaced by this new person who begs their child to just take another bite of food and gets anxious every time they serve their kid something new. After having kids, you learn that picky eaters are more common than not and while there are ways to ensure that your child doesn't go too far off the picky eating rails, children are human and have preferences for food just as we do.