Third Trimester Must-Haves


It's been 27 long weeks and you've made it to the homestretch; the last trimester! You're probably both physically and emotionally ready to evict your little one by now! Rest assured, while it may seem like you've been pregnant forever, you'll soon have your beautiful baby in your arms and your body back. Until then, read up on these must haves to help make this lasts trimester as easy as possible.


Exercise Ball - Finding a comfy position in late pregnancy may be rough and you may find it's the only comfortable place to sit! As you near your due date, sitting and rolling on an exercise ball may even help you dilate. As a bonus, after the baby comes, you can use it for exercise! 


Epsom Salt - When you're finding that it hurts and aches anywhere, take a relaxing bath with Epsom salts can provide relief naturally and can also help reduce stress and help you relax.


Non-slip socks - Whether you have wood floors in your home or if you only use them for walking around the slippery halls of the hospital, non-slip socks will help prevent falls late in your pregnancy.


Raspberry Leaf Tea - Drinking a cup of tea with Raspberry Leaf every day for the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy can help tone your uterus which will make it easier for you to push when the time has come.


Thank You Cards -  While you will probably buy your own, you'll be surprised at how many people buy you gifts that you're not expecting gifts from! A great problem to have, right? Having a backup stash is a great idea in case you run out or for those unexpected gifts that you receive.


Labor/Birthing books or class - Reading a book about what to expect during labor or attending a class can greatly reduce anxieties you may have about it. I was so nervous about delivering my daughter until I took a class. Somehow, being aware of what I could expect made me feel more prepared for it. The nerves didn’t go away completely, but they lessened a lot.


Car Seat - If you don't currently have one, now is the time to start researching. You will need a car seat to take your little one home from the hospital. Tip: Look into a convertible one because your baby will likely grow out of their first one shortly after the first year. Buying one that grows with your baby will save you the trouble of having to research another one. 


Protein Bars - Getting enough protein during pregnancy is very important and helps with your baby's brain development. Protein bars are a great way to supplement and they're convenient to carry anywhere. Try to aim for healthier ones over sugary ones! 


Stretch Mark Cream - While some women have it worse than others, applying a good stretch mark cream to your body daily can help reduce and smooth these dark marks that may come as your belly expands and help tone skin.


Hospital Bag - Pretty soon, you'll be tired of everyone asking you if you've packed your hospital bag yet? While full term is 40 weeks, babies rarely come when they're supposed to! While some arrive late, others arrive early. Having your hospital bag ready to go will ensure you're prepared whenever your little one decides to make their appearance.


Pamper yourself - Get that massage, pedicure, new hairstyle you've been wanting. With a new baby, even if you have time, you may not have the energy. Use these last three months to put mommy first, I promise you won't regret it.