Top 70 Baby Names Of 2020 So Far


Picking a baby name is no easy task! You not only want to love your baby’s name each time you look at them but feel as if the name is just right for them. Some new moms and dads know exactly what name they want to choose while others struggle. They end up getting lost in the limitless number of names they can choose from. For those who fall into the latter category, these 70 names are the top baby names for boys and girls of 2020 so far!




Emma: Meaning - Whole

Olivia: Meaning Olive - Tree

Ava: Meaning - Life

Amelia: Meaning - Industrious

Isabella: Meaning - Beautiful

Sophia: Meaning - Wisdom

Charlotte: Meaning - Free

Mia: Meaning - Mine

Mila: Meaning - Gracious

Harper: Meaning - Harp player

Evelyn: Meaning - Wished for child

Luna: Meaning - Moon

Abigail: Meaning - My father’s joy

Camila: Meaning - Perfect

Aria: Meaning - Melody

Ella: Meaning - Young girl

Elizabeth: Meaning - God is my oath

Avery: Meaning - Elf ruler

Emily: Meaning - To strive or excel

Victoria: Meaning - Winner

Scarlett: Meaning - Red

Sofia: Meaning - Wisdom

Penelope: Meaning - With a web on her face

Layla: Meaning - Night

Grace: Meaning - Charm

Nora: Meaning - Honor

Eleanor: Meaning - Bright

Zoey: Meaning - Life

Chloe: Meaning - Blooming

Nova: Meaning - New

Madison: Meaning - Son of Matthew

Riley: Meaning - Valiant

Everly: Meaning - Grazing Meadow

Stella: Meaning - Star

Aurora: Meaning - Dawn




Liam: Meaning - Guardian

Noah: Meaning - Rest

William: Meaning - Desire

Oliver: Meaning - Olive Tree

Lucas: Meaning - Wolf

Benjamin: Meaning - Son of my sorrow

Elijah: Meaning - Jehovah is Lord

James: Meaning - At the heel

Henry: Meaning - Rule/Power

Alexander: Meaning - To defend

Sebastian: Meaning - Venerable

Mason: Meaning - One who works with stone

Ethan: Meaning - Strong

Logan: Meaning - Little Hollow

Michael: Meaning - Who is like God

Daniel: Meaning – God is my judge

Jacob: Meaning - Seizing by the heel

Jackson: Meaning - Son of Jack

Mateo: Meaning - Gift of God

Wyatt: Meaning - Brave/Strong

Samuel: Meaning - God has heard

Owen: Meaning - Noble

Jack: Meaning - God is gracious

John: Meaning - God is gracious

Theodore: Meaning - God’s gift

David: Meaning - Beloved

Carter: Meaning - Transporter of goods by cart

Levi: Meaning - Attached

Joseph: Meaning - God will increase

Grayson: Meaning - Son of the grey-haired man

Julian: Meaning - Youthful

Aiden: Meaning - Fiery One

Jaxon: Meaning - God is gracious

Asher: Meaning - Blessed/ Happy

Matthew: Meaning - Gift of God


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