You Could Be Pregnant If You Have One Of These 5 Symptoms


For me, it wasn’t the typical pregnancy symptoms that you hear about that made me think I was pregnant. I wasn’t nauseous like many women report or more tired than usual like I remembered being the first trimester with my first child.


Before I got pregnant, I remember thinking that these would be the signs that would prompt me to take a test but this wasn’t the case. Instead of feeling one of these common symptoms, mine was unique. I couldn’t stop eating. I’d been away for a couple of weeks and ate more then but chalked it up to being on vacation. Within a few days of being home, my need to eat incessantly didn’t go away.


I woke up one morning, got my daughter ready for daycare, and made breakfast. It was a hearty breakfast too. One that would normally keep me full until lunch. But it didn’t. 2 hours later and I was hungry again. I remembered having an out of control appetite with my first child during my first trimester, so I decided to take a pregnancy test.


Sure enough, I was pregnant! 


The only way to be 100% positive that you’re pregnant is with a test but there are some symptoms that women report as the sign they knew they were pregnant. These 5 symptoms are among the most common.


Missed period – This may be a little harder to track if your period is irregular. If however, your period is like clockwork, a missed one means that you might be pregnant. You can give yourself a few days after your missed period to make sure that it’s not late but if you’re too anxious to wait, you can take a test. Most tests that are available for purchase can detect the pregnancy hormone hCG in your body up to a few days before your missed period.


Going to the bathroom a lot – Many women report that their need to use the bathroom increases in their first trimester. This is because of pregnancy hormones that are increasing in your body. If you find yourself making frequent trips to the bathroom but haven’t increased your fluid intake, you may be pregnant.


Tender breasts – Another symptom to blame on the hormones is swollen breasts. If your finding that your breasts are more sensitive to the touch than normal, it could because you’ve got a bun in the oven! Whether or not this symptom decreases after a few weeks or stays with you your entire pregnancy, it could be an early sign of pregnancy.


Nausea – Whenever you watch a movie about a pregnant woman, this is the telltale sign that gives it away. This is thought to be so common of an early pregnancy symptom that even viewers of the movie are able to predict that the character is pregnant before she figures it out herself! Contrary to popular belief, not every woman gets nauseous when pregnant. Even the ones who get it, don’t get it immediately. Nonetheless, if you suspect you may be pregnant and have trouble keeping food down, you might be pregnant!


Constant fatigue – The first trimester of pregnancy you feel fatigued like you’ve never felt before. No matter how much you sleep, you can’t shake it. This fatigue usually goes away as you enter your second trimester but is with you to stay for those early weeks of your pregnancy.


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