You Know You're A Mom When...

POSTED April 2nd AT 8:29pm

Becoming a mother changes you in ways that you never imagined. There are many things about motherhood that we all experience in some way or another and that unites us as a tribe of moms. While there are many more common experiences that we all have as moms, these 8 "you know you're a mom when" moments are among the most common.

When sleeping until 7 am is considered sleeping in – Sure we all got up at 7 am long before having kids for work but there was always the weekend. A time to look forward to where you got to do whatever you wanted, including sleeping in until whatever time you wanted. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you always slept late but if you got up early it was always a choice or for something fun like going on a vacation!


Having a conversation about poop is not only normal but happens often – Conversations about poop start off from the moment you give birth and have to keep track of their poop for their first doctor's appointment and extend far beyond the potty training years. It’s a conversation that amongst moms is as natural as having a conversation about the weather would be.


You accidentally use phrases like “go potty” and “belly“ even when your kids aren’t around – You don’t realize how much your vocabulary changes for your children until you’re out for a night out with friends or on a date night and pat your stomach after you eat and talk about how full your belly is or excuse yourself from the table to go potty!


Weekends have become more hectic than weekdays – Weekends used to be a time of rest, relaxation and recuperation for the upcoming work week. With little ones to take care of, the days become reverse and weekends now become filled with activities and end up being even more hectic than weekdays.


You can’t remember the last time you had a hot meal – Whether its because the minute you sit down to eat your child needs something or because you have so much to do in a day that you have to squeeze eating into all of your other responsibilities inside and outside of the house, getting used to eating cold or lukewarm food becomes your new norm.


You go to the bathroom with the door open – It may start off as a way to ensure you can hear your baby when you have to use the bathroom but at some point in time, your kids become mobile and start to search for you when you disappear. Privacy is something that moms learn ceases to exist and we just start using the bathroom with the door open to avoid the inevitable knock on the door.


You fantasize about sleeping – Maybe you used to fantasize about exotic vacations but now all you can think about is sleeping. From the moment you wake up, you’re already thinking about when you can lay your head down again! With a newborn, you didn’t sleep because your baby was up every couple of hours. As your kids get older, you just don’t sleep because there’s way too many things to do in a day than there are hours to do them in and no matter how many times you tell yourself that you’re going to get to bed early, it never seems to happen.  


Going anywhere by yourself is better than a vacation –Remember when you used to dread grocery shopping? Not anymore! Now grocery shopping or really anything alone is a relaxing experience. It’s the “me time” of moms everywhere. For many, it may be the only time alone that you regularly get and therefore, it is very much looked forward to and appreciated.

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