What is Joyful Bundles?

Joyful Bundles is a subscription service that introduces moms to all the best brands allowing them to confidently make the best decisions for their babies. 

Why would I use Joyful Bundles? 

Because moms shouldn't have to settle for cookie-cutter solutions for their babies.  Every mom and every baby is unique and you shouldn't have to spend a fortune to find the products that you like for your baby.  Having a baby is hard work but the routine can also become predictable.  Joyful Bundles is also great for moms who would love to get a fun package with something new for you and your baby to explore every month. 

What ages are Joyful Bundles boxes for?

Joyful Bundles boxes are available from your third trimester of pregnancy all the way through your child's 2nd birthday!

How do I sign up for Joyful Bundles?

It's easy - and only takes a few minutes! 

1. You choose how often you would like to receive your Bundles; Discovery (monthly) or MIlestone (quarterly).

2. Complete your profile by updating your shipping and billing information. To receive a personalized Bundle, complete our personalization profile which is sent via email after your order is placed.

3. Wait for your Bundle to arrive in the mail!

Can I pick the items in my Bundle?

While you cannot pick the individual items in your Bundle, you can choose the types of products you're most interested in receiving as well as let us know which brands you love the most and which you're most interested in discovering. 

How many items will I receive in my bundle?

A Discovery Bundle has 5 items and a Milestone Bundle has 8 items.  Each Bundle contains a combination of full-sized and travel-sized items. 

Where does Joyful Bundles ship?

Joyful Bundles ships to the United States only at this point.  Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email along with a tracking number via USPS. 

 When will my bundle be shipped? 

Bundles ship the 1st day of the month.  If we receive your order within 5 days of shipping, you will receive your Bundle the following month.  If we receive your order outside of the 5-day range, you will receive your first bundle in the next month. 

How do I cancel my Joyful Bundles subscription?

Cancellations are hassle-free as long as your request is received at least 5 days before your Bundle ships. 

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